Wilson Staff Model HT Wedge

£89.00 £119.00
Wilson Staff Model Hi-Toe Satin Chrome Golf Wedge
Versatile Control With Hi Toe Construction

Wilson Staff Model High-Toe wedges combine a high toe and wide sole with carbon steel heads and a precision-milled face to give elite players enhanced shotmaking capabilities.

Designed alongside our world-class tour players who provide direct feedback on design and performance. The end result for players at every level is confidence in their short game. Wilson's softest wedge yet with 8620 Carbon Steel that provides a soft touch and incredible feel around the greens.

The high-toe design gives you the flexibility you demand while allowing you to save shots as you approach the green. The face shape and sole allow the club to be played at varying degrees of open or closed configurations, giving you completed control over the amount of face that contacts the ball.

The face has machine-engraved score lines in the precision-milled face feature a higher density pattern for more consistent contact with the ball. The result is maximum spin and control on every shot. Fitted with a premium Dynamic Gold 120 Wedge flex shaft for the ultimate wedge performance.